Work tables 99% done

I spent a few hours today finishing up the work tables, they look good! I added some retractable casters to make them easier to move around.

The last 1% is a attaching some vinyl fabric over the MDF tops – I’ll get that done during the week. Really hoping the empennage and wing kits will start making their way East this week, I’m eager to get started!

Meanwhile, I need to make some choices on a VOR antenna and a tail beacon light. For lighting, I was going to go with Aveo Engineering lighting, but some reports are telling me to look elsewhere. I want to be legal for night flight, but I’m discovering that not all lights made for experimental planes are legal for night flight (makes me wonder, what’s the point of making a light that’s not legal for night?). Whelen and AeroLEDs seem to be the other major players. I want the lights to be synchronized when they flash/blink, so that seems to eliminate Whelen. These things are also freakin expensive! Maybe I’ll just make my own?

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